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Another Good Reason for Good Posture

As if there weren’t already enough, here’s another good reason for good posture! Scientists in Japan conducted a study regarding older people’s posture and found that it may give clues to cognitive decline. This study by the Japanese isn’t a surprise. Attention to the spinal structure and its relation to overall health is far more common in other cultures where life expectancy is higher.

Side View

The study findings were specific. The more the head and neck protrude in front of the pelvis as viewed from the side, the more likely that the individual will or is showing symptoms of mild cognitive decline. In the case of males, the study showed that this poor posture could be associated with cognitive decline, regardless of the individual’s age.


According to one of the authors of the study, Dr. Shota Ikegami of Shinshu University, “poor posture is a manifestation of ‘frail’ in the elderly.” The study findings are that hidden cognitive decline, a component of frail, can be detected by posture screening. For the study, older citizens of Nagano, Japan were examined. Those who had a stooped posture were more likely to also have cognitive function decline.

Prevent and Reverse

This is valuable information. It provides a way to prevent dementia, frail, and bedridden status in the early, reversible stages. And without the need of expensive equipment for testing. It also points the way for exercise training in older adults. This could be a means to push back or prevent dementia all together.

100 Year Lifestyle Way

At the 100 Year Lifestyle we know that your spine is the structural support system of your body. How it supports you can be seen in your posture, which reveals weaknesses that can progressively worsen under the stresses of daily life as you age. Because your structure, spine, and nervous system are the lifeline of health and energy to all the vital organs of your body, it is important to pay attention to your posture before severe health problems arise.

Best Way

The best way to assure a strong and straight structure as you age is to receive regular chiropractic care. Don’t wait until the effects of poor posture – including cognitive decline – are knocking at your door. The time to start thinking about and planning for your healthy longevity is now!

There is a 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor near you to help!


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