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Dilip Daya
Satisfied Client

“Highly recommended. My wife and I have received chiropractic care for the last month and we are seeing and feeling amazing results. Every adjustment is targeting specific areas and we can see the positive results and amazed at what a difference this self-care makes in regards to our overall well-being. [show_more more=”Read More” less= “Read less”]We are committed and on our way to establishing a much healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Cory Plasker and Dr. Eric Plasker.”[/show_more]

Jon Wittenberg
Satisfied Client

“Everything about the experience is great. Dr. Cory is honest, caring, understands my concerns and the treatments are working. Highly recommend.”

J. Ferace
Satisfied Client

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Plasker a few years ago in Italy. As I decided to move to Marietta it seemd normal to reach out to get adjusted. Dr. Plasker, his son Cory and Natasha are wonderful you really feel at home and that they care for you. Wonderful care.”

Satisfied Client

“I began my relationship with Dr. Plasker, as I believe many others have, with the treatment of an acute injury. After the pain was relieved, I was encouraged to continue a regular regimen of adjustments to allow my body to stay “in tune” and heal itself of the many small irritations that occur with age. [show_more more=”Read More” less= “Read less”]I have continued this regimen of 2-3 weeks between adjustments for several years. And the occasional flare ups disappeared.  Maybe there is something to getting out of the body’s way to allow it to heal itself! I’m writing today, however, to acknowledge the help I received last week. I sustained another acute injury with a poor decision to lift something heavy with bad posture. That was totally on me. The real problem was my need to board a flight to see my first granddaughter’s first birthday 7 days later! I had to make that flight. Dr. Plasker answered my Saturday phone call and met me at his office to immediately start me on a path to fast recovery. I visited him daily all week, while he made time in his busy schedule, and I made the flight and birthday with great success! The Plasker Family Chiropractors are caring people who take a genuine interest in helping and keeping their patients on a path towards total health. While there are always differences in the abilities of care givers, I recommend Plasker to anyone in need of the best!””[/show_more]

H. Searcy
Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Plasker Family & Performance Chiropractic. I was recommended to Dr. Eric Plasker from my chiropractor in Charlotte, and I am not disappointed! Dr. Eric welcomed me in as if we’re old friends. He explained how his practice is set up, and the 100 years Lifestyle. [show_more more=”Read More” less= “Read less”]

Natasha is always happy when answering the phone and greeting everyone. Dr. Cory knows my goals as well as my profession and educates me on how to better myself so I can live a healthier, pain-free life. I’m impressed with the progress I’ve made; I’m now bringing my three sons and ex-husband to see Dr. Cory. Dr. Cory explains everything he’s doing and why he’s doing it that even my 14-year-old understands!” [/show_more]

Roger Paulin
Satisfied Client

“My wife threw out her back about a month ago and was recommended by friend to see Dr. Plasker. She was so bad that she could not sleep or get into a car. After a few weeks of treatment you would not know that she was having back problems.  [show_more more=”Read More” less= “Read less”]

I decided to to get a consultation with some back problems of my own and it was the best decision I made. I knew I had back issues but didn’t realize what a lot of my problems were and just thought it was normal to feel the way I did. After a month of treatments I have been feeling so much better but I still have a lot more to do. They really care about you personally and your health. I highly recommend them for chiropractic services and you will not be disappointed.” [/show_more]